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●Company name:Forkom Timing Belts & Tensioners Group Co., Ltd.

●Address:1407 Donghai Intl Tower, 17 Huiquan Rd, Qingdao, China.

●Telephone: +86-532-83860536

●Facsimile: +86-532-83860538

●Representative: Mr. Benton Soong


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Forkom Timing Belts & Tensioners Group Co., Ltd. (The former was Forkom Timing Belts Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1992 exporting automotive belts and tensioners. It holds 2 factories—Forkom-Baola Timing Belts Co., Ltd. and Forkom-Qingying Tensioners Co., Ltd.

Frokom-Baola Timing Belts Co., Ltd. produces complete ranges of V Belts, rib/serpentine belts and timing belts, with the production capacity of 5 million sets annually. It uses ADVANCED technology and makes different grades of rib/serpentine and timing belts: 50000, 60000, 80000, 100000 & 150000 kilometers.

Forkom-Baola Timing Belts Co., Ltd. produces EPDM rib/serpentine belts and ACSM & HSN timing belts, besides CR belts.

Forkom-QingyingTensioners Co., Ltd. produces over 1000 specifications of various tensioners, including double-groove, automatic, plastic, metal tensioners. The products cover timing belts tensioners, V belts tensioners and rib/serpentine tensioners. The output is 3 million pieces annually.

Both belts & tensioners factories are approved for ISO and TS 16949 certificates.


Address: 1407 Donghai Intl Tower,17 Huiquan Rd, Qingdao, China. Telephone: +86-532-83860536 Facsimile: +86-532-83860538
Website:http://www.forkom.cn E-mail:
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