V-Ribbed Belts
V-Ribbed belts are widely used on ALT, PS, COMPR, etc, with the features of anti-oil, heat & abrasion, low noise, little expanding and long life. Forkom supplies 5 grades: 50000 KM, 60000 KM, 80000 KM, and heavy duty 100000 KM & 150000 KM.
Forkom-Baola produces EPDM ribbed/serpentine belts.
Forkom supplies full ranges of PK belts, including double PK belts, from the effective length of 500MM to 2700MM.
V-belts are widely used on Fan, ALT, PS, COMPR, etc. Forkom supplies 5 grades(for both automotive and industrial use): 50000 KM, 60000 KM, 80000 KM. and heavy duty 10000 KM & 150000 KM. We produce full ranges: 9.5, 12.5, 17 & 22.
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Timing Belts

CR Timing Belts

CR timing belts are of classical timing belts. This kind of timing belts are widely used on small litre engines of passenger cars and light trucks.

ACSM and HSN Timing Belts    ACSM Timing Belts are more premium than CR Timing Belts in the function of anti-heat. HSN Timing Belts are the most premium & most durable and are fit to be used on high-rotation and heavy-wrest diesel applications.

Tensioners & idler pulleys
Tensioners & idler pulleys are of extremely important and critical engine parts that support the rotation of vehicles and keep the stability of timing belts.Forkom-Qingying uses its rich experience and unique expertise in precision machining technology and refined to develop the relatively complete.
Timing Belt Kits
Since it is required that timing belts and Tensioners & idler pulleys be replaced at the same time, Forkom provides the convenience to supply kits which include both timing belts and tensioners/idlers. Forkom’s kits are manufactured with the characteristics of long duration, high precision and complete application coverage.
About Forkom
Forkom Timing Belts & Tensioners Group Co.,Ltd. is a parent company which invests in and holds 2 manufacturing companies, one is Forkom-Baola Timing Belts Co.,Ltd. which has the production experience of nearly 20 years, it makes full ranges of auto alternator Belts and timing belts. The other is Forkom-Qingying tensioners Co.,Ltd. which is one of the leading enterprises in China in the fields of auto tensioners, it makes nearly 1000 sizes of auto tensioners/idlers.

We always make mid-high and high quality products.

With DU PONT CR and china-made cords, we make 60000km-quality timing belts. With ACSM rubber and Japan-made cords, we produce 80000km-quality timing belts. To meet with the requests of high-level clients, we produce 100000km-grade timing belts, with HNBR &Japan-made cords.

Regarding tensioners/idlers, we use the best China-made bearings&Chevon grease to make 80000km-quality tensioners/idlers. To meet with the needs of high-level customers, we use NSK bearings to make the O.E.Quality tensioners/idlers.

Currently we are engaged in timing belts kits, we could supply the Majority of timing belt kits for popular cars all over the world.

Forkom products keep your cars moving forward forever!
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